Our commercial and technical team, composed by architects and designers, is able to support the customer for any need:

for realization of a “Total Look” exclusive project, for the realization of a customized furniture item and we always follow

all the progress of work and relevant steps.

Analysis of demand

To understand customers demands in order to offer the best possible solution is essential key for project development. Our aim is to fulfill the wishes of all customers.

Preliminary Draft

Based on the information and on the wishes of our customers, our architects prepare a “tailor-made” project including preliminary drawings, quotation and 3D realistic renderings for the customer.


Our technical team can organize, in all world, the on-site survey for taking all necessary measurements and proceed with executive development of project.

Project preparation

After having defined all the aestethic aspects, our technical dpt. will arrange all tecnical documentation and that is: feasibility study, economic proposal, scheduling of phases, steps and achievements, technical executive drawings, samples and materials preparation.

Production and quality control

In our Lissone branch, with our experience that comes from 100 years of story of our Brand, we realize all delicate project production stages and we have direct and concrete supervision and control of production and quality.

Worldwide shipments

We are able to assist clients with an excellent customer service, to solve any kind of problems related to shipping and to organize worldwide shipments.


We organize all on-site construction steps and all assembly operations on the basis of directions of technical executive drawings.

After-sales activity

On demand, we can organize after-sales maintenance work for any kind of technical subject it that may follow or emerge.

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